Reserva Ibérica and its suppliers guarantee the highest quality of products put up for sale on this website. At any case, you have a period of 15 days, with effect from receipt of the order, to return the product.

We kindly ask you to send us an email with the subject “Product return” and our Customer Service Department will solve immediately any problem. Please, provide the following information: your personal information, order number and the problem to be solved. If it is necessary, we will contact you to ask you to provide us with more information about it.

If the package has not been opened and when receiving it, you have simply change your mind, please, do not worry, we will refund your money immediately (1).

If the product is in bad conditions, we will change the product or refund your money, it is up to you. We will contact you to arrange a date to pick it up.


  • A piece of ham or shoulder is considered to be in bad conditions when it has an unpleasant taste or smell caused by an incorrect curing process. (2).
  • The product must be returned in its original packaging (which must not be broken) and it must be perfectly sealed to prevent product damage during return transport.
  • The hams, shoulders and cold meats returned must be completed or at least an 80% of their weight. In other words, pieces with more than a 20% of the product consumed will not be accepted.
  • Hams and shoulders must be returned in theirs original packaging and with the label, they must not have been handled.

In the case that the returned product does not comply with the points above-described, we regret to inform you that we will not accept the return. In that case, you must bear the return and reshipment cost.

(1) Due to it is not a return motivated by an error of Reserva Ibérica, you must beat the shipping and return cost.

(2) Our products are tested by both the producer and our professionals by the time of the selection of the piece for each order. This double warranty check has allowed us to reduce the return rate for that reason to below 0.1%.